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I am a Bisexual, Polyamorous, married swinging guy. Some of the things I'm into or intrigued by. Unless stated otherwise i do not own shit on this site. Including but not limited to Artistic nudes, Bi/gay sex, Group sex, BDSM, Pegging, Bestiality. Lets appreciate all types of beauty.

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    Grey goose mmmmmm

    Grey goose mmmmmm

    — 3 days ago
    And ur new champ is…  @wwedivasapproved @wwe

    And ur new champ is… @wwedivasapproved @wwe

    — 1 week ago


    Repeat after me, sex dysphoria is the symptom, transsexualism is the medical condition. 

    Saying otherwise is like saying tumours are the medical condition and cancer is the identity. It’s illogical and offensive. 

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